Shanghai is a strange city, with dirty colors, huge buildings and smog filled skies. It is the place where Antonieta Landa, chilean artist must now call home.


Home is not just the place we live, it is also the place where we feel safe and calm, is a place that belongs to us. If we look at the origin of the word is related to the space where once was the house fire, a light space. Shanghai at night is overwhelmingly a city full of bright lights, but by day, seems filled with darkness caused by the huge buildings that block the sky.


The artist, in a desperate act to find pieces of home in a city that is not hers, raises an art installation of houses made of folded paper cubes (origami technique), installed at strategic points of Shanghai that contrast in color and texture to the objects of art. 


浓墨重彩的色调,高耸的摩天大楼,云雾缭绕的天空组成上海这个神奇的都市,来自智利的艺术家安东尼娅·兰达(Antonieta Landa)把这里当成了自己的第二故乡。